I really didn’t like to sew for a very long time. Well, as I didn’t love, I hated it with fierce hatred, therefore I was saved by all the options for partial knitting and imitations of the seam. but to sew? Nooo!

but sometimes it’s not an imitation. ” the product will also be an imitation, an imitation of a normal fit - well, like my favorite walking shoulder. sadly hanging wherever it should definitely not be. 😹 and you will collect it with a seam and everything is standing as it should, or rather sitting! we need seams, we need them - they give stiffeners to the product! even if it’s very scary)))

at one moment I exhaled and decided to just get my hand in it - let it be not things, but samples. and, you know, the third installment got better. smoother, more accurate, no longer tightened and how plastic it is!

There is one not very obvious point with the assembly - it is better to assemble not for the edge ones themselves (even if they say so in books 😹), but for the broach between the edge and the first loop behind it. or for the first loops themselves, so sometimes you can too!

In general, in the video I show how I do it! ♥ ️

p.s. can I hook? Well, you can, but the elasticity of the seam will be completely different. crochet assembly is rougher for my taste. and knitwear is about softness!