i was feeling like i was in a rut, artistically speaking, so i broke out this lovely valentinesy merino my mother-in-law got me several years ago. i had started making a different cowl when i first got it but never finished and i'm glad i didn't. my skills have improved dramatically 😅 and the colors in this spoke to me. i tried complex stitch after complex stitch before i realized i needed to let the colors speak for themselves. so i picked up my biggest tunisian hook and got to work making a cowl from tunisian simple stitch. it's brilliant for yarns like this with their own color story to tell; it showcases them in a way knit or crochet doesn't. hopefully i'll have it done by saturday and i can wear it when we go out for my birthday. .
speaking of, saturday morning is when my giveaway ends! how time has flown, amirite? if you haven't signed up to win the cuddle or maker bundles i've put up, go do it! go to the latest blue section of my grid and you'll see the post. 😉
anyway, i hope everyone has a lovely wednesday. ❤️ what are your goals today?

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