shop update tomorrow!
it's not going to have as much as i wanted in it, but it will have a couple one of a kind clutch handbags, a pillow, and a new section for makers with stitch markers (swipe to see em)! more will be added in the coming weeks too. i'm thinking about hooks, recycled yarn, destash sales...what do y'all think? .
so anyway here's some honeycomb bobbles! i'm seeing them everywhere lately, but have never really been a huge fan. they're definitely fun to make though! the full video is on my youtube channel, with different music. check it out and pretty please subscribe, like, or comment! every action helps my videos get on more screens. ❤️
in other news, chilling adventures of sabrina part 3 drops on netflix today, so it's that and filming + editing crochet videos for my weekend. what about you? anyone have plans this weekend? tell meeee. 😘

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