Now at the peak of the popularity of sweaters in the technique of intarsia. A well-forgotten technique found a second wind. With the help of intarsia you can knit very interesting products, playing with a pattern and color. It can be flowers, animals, any graphics or shapes. Today I will show how I knit in this technique. .

We introduce a cotton thread, let’s say 10 loops, unfold the knit, make a yarn (we need a yarn so that there is no hole between the mohair and the cotton), we knit 10 loops in the opposite direction, twist the 2 threads, knit the mohair in a circle until crocheted. Tied to the crochet, the last loop of the mohair and the crochet we knit together (at each turn,
we make a crochet and also reaching it we always knit with a neighboring loop), we expand the knitting, the crochet, we knit again until cotton, from this moment the product should gradually move from mohair to cotton (or you can have your own pattern), for this, in each to the front row we add in a loop (you may have your own quantity) of cotton. We knit 10 loops with cotton, then we knit 11 loops with a crochet, then we knit 12 loops with cotton and unfold the knitting, we make a crochet. We sew the back row according to the drawing, in the front row we again replace the mohair with cotton. This way you can play the pattern in any direction. If you look at it, there’s nothing complicated 🤗.