Brioche Stitch (in the round)

This technique is useful for making seamless items, like cowls, hats, or sleeves for a sweater.
Knitting brioche in the round is just a bit more tricky than knitting flat (the version I've showed you in the previous video.) Here we are not using the same set of stitches for each row, but alternate two different combinations. This involves the same yos and bk2tog stitches you've already seen along with a new one - bp2tog.
yos - yarn over, slip - bring yarn forward, slip 1 as if to purl, bring yarn over the right needle;
bk2tog - brioche knit 2 together - knit the stitch together with its paired yarn over;
bp2tog - brioche purl 2 together - purl the stitch together with its paired yarn over.
Cast on an even number of stitches.
R1 (set up): (yos, k1)x until the end.
R2: (bk2tog, yos)x until the end.
R3: (yos, bp2tog)x until the end.
Repeat R2-3.

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